Hardware Installation, Upgrade and Repair

Memory, RAM, HDD, CPU, motherboard, IDE, SATA... sometimes these descriptions can be a little overwhelming. With so many options available, choosing the right component for your computer can be difficult. If you need help with installing a bigger hard drive or more memory, upgrading your network card, repairing a broken cable, etc. We can help.

It sometimes makes more sense to buy a new computer than to spend more money upgrading or repairing an older computer. We will give you a fair and honest evaluation. We will only recommend upgrades if they will meet your needs and make sense economically.

Computer repairs and upgrades can be frustrating. We approach each repair and upgrade as if it were our own situation so that you know we are looking at your best interest. We will give you a customized, printed listing of any and all issues your computer has so you can be see exactly what is wrong with your computer. Your comfort is our focus.